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Slyde the Playground Hound is a playground safety spokesdog teaching children to "Play Smart, Play Safe!" Why does Slyde care so much about playground safety? Meet Slyde

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Teaching Children Playground Safety

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Playground safety week is only once a year but it is important to continue to practice safe play and inspect your playground equipment all year. Wouldn't it be amazing to reduce accidents and injuries to children in your care just by adding a few things to your routine. Whether you are the owner of the playground or taking your child to the city park there are things you can look for to keep the children safe. 

Implementing playground safety in your daily life:

Teaching children playground safety

Slyde the Playground Hound shares your dedication to playground safety and invites you to explore his website full of child playground safety resources.

Slyde is here to teach children that most playground injuries are unintentional, yet preventable by taking common sense steps to stay playing safe.

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