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Playground Safety Post

8/28/2013 The City of Taylorsville Utah shut down one of their busy roads for the day to promote "getting outside." Everyone was encouraged to come out and bring their bikes, scooters or their walking shoes! At our booth kids played bean bag toss for a chance to get stickers and a Slyde book. There were a lot of really fun booths and great people. Best of all Slyde the Playground Hound showed up and spread the word about playgorund safety!      

Thanks to everyone who came out!

September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month!! What are you doing to keep your children from becoming obese? Here is a great resouce to see what PlayCore is doing to help prevent childhood obesity. 

This article provides great information on how you can try and prevent injuries while your children are playing on the playground. 

 Playgrounds can offer children a great place to get exercise and have fun, but parents need to be aware that there is a risk for injuries and know how to prevent them...Read More

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07-29-2013 The children of Azure Meadows Subdivision, Taylorsville, Utah, were surprised, educated, and entertained by a special guest appearance of Slyde the Playground Hound. Slyde made his appearance in celebration of a new park playground grand-opening.

With estimates reporting kids ages 8 to 18 spending an average of seven and a half hours per day being plugged in to electronic devices, parents are looking for simple solutions that don’t cost a fortune. Guess what, your local playground provides both a simple solution to getting kids to unplug and . . . it’s free. Drop the remote and get going.

This week is Playground Safety week! Slyde supports the efforts to protect children while they play and has provided us with ways to learn about playground safety and have fun. Click on the link provided to learn more ways to celebrate this week. 

Our children go to school in their bodies. Play is one of the ways they flex them, explore them, understand them, and connect to other people. We also live in virtual worlds that are the result of our imaginations. They need the ability to exercise that too. You see you can’t get to all the things we value – creativity in business, in work, in social systems, in the arts and the sciences if you imagination has atrophied.

Slyde the Playground Hound reminds you and all your friends to “play smart, play safe” and encourages families to “get outside” on National Kids To Parks Day coming soon. Click here for Slyde’s newest coloring page>

Playground Safety Week – April 23th-27th Playing Safe! Slyde cares a lot and you can too.

Download our Playground Safety Week brochure below.

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