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Playground Safety Post

Hey Kids! Learn How to Play Safe From Slyde the Playground Hound

Does your hair get tangled and your comb gets caught in it? Maybe you were fishing and your fishing line got tangled? Have you ever run through a bush and gotten caught in the branches?

There is the danger of your clothes or part of your body getting caught on playground equipment, and these dangers are called entanglements (en.tan'gle.ments).

Jumping, climbing, sliding, laughing, giggling, swinging and running are all things children like to do. Usually they do these things outside where moving their bodies and using outdoor voices are expected and encouraged by grown-ups.

Maybe you remember a time you were outside doing some of these things on a playground in your backyard or at your school? Use your imagination to remember what the playground looked like. Did the playground have swings, slides, or climbing rocks? Were you there with a friend, a brother, or a sister? 

In different parts of the world schools and parks are starting to implement the Buddy Bench concept. The Buddy Bench is a great tool to help children make friends and learn how to recognize when someone around them is feeling left out.

As you may all know, October was Bully Prevention Month. If you did not participate last month, it is never too late to implement bully prevention in your classroom, home, or anywhere with children under your care. Bullying is a major problem in this world, and it does not just start with children. In my opinion, most of the time children learn bullying from somewhere. Adults can be just as big of a bully as a child can. And, it needs to stop somewhere; so why not make it stop with you?

Being a parent can be very busy and chaotic at most times; the more children you have the crazier things can get. Trying to schedule every moment of your child's day can be helpful when trying to keep them on task or accomplish daily routines. Being the person and parent that I am scheduling is my life. My gal has nap time, bedtime, and other hygienic routines; I feel these are important for her stability.

When you think back to your childhood what was your fondest memory? Do you remember where you were? Or who you were with? Most of the memories I have include my sister and playing outside. Being outside was the best part of our day. Getting to run around free and use our imagination was our favorite thing to do together when we weren't fighting with each other. It gave us an opportunity to pretend to be someone else in an imaginary place in our own backyard.

School is almost out and the kids are starting to get restless; have you started planning their summer yet? Summer vacation is generally three months long; where do you begin planning? Depending on your situation and where you live there are summer camps that last a day to months to help you manage your child's time this summer. Summer camps range from dance, sports, science, or just good old wilderness fun. Your community center or parks and recreation department may provide information on local camps and activities in your surrounding areas.

There is no denying kids love Slyde the Playground Hound

Slyde the Playground Hound made an appearance at the grand opening of the Canyon View Park in Nephi, Utah. Spreading the message to children to "Play Smart, Play Safe"!

All children are different in their own ways and not all children play in the same way. Some kids like to play quietly when other kids like to be loud and run wild. Other children have to wear mobility devices while they play making it more difficult to play on traditional playgrounds. All of these children love to play in one place in common, the playground.

Choosing Sun Protection for you and your child

Summer time is here and everybody wants to be outside. Outdoor activities such as playing on the playground, swimming, and riding bikes can expose you to harmful UV sun rays for an extended length of time. Protecting your children and yourself from sunburn is very important. What do you look for when you are choosing a type of sunscreen for your child?

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