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Playground Safety Post

How Do you Implement Playground Safety in Your Everyday Routine?

Playground safety week is only once a year but it is important to continue to practice safe play and inspect your playground equipment all year. Wouldn't it be amazing to reduce accidents and injuries to children in your care just by adding a few things to your routine. Whether you are the owner of the playground or taking your child to the city park there are things you can look for to keep the children safe. 

Implementing playground safety in your daily life:

Play is very important for a child's development socially, physically, and mentally. Play helps them make friends and learn how to communicate with others in a fun way. It also keeps them active physically. It is so important for children to be physically active; most importantly outside! Running, jumping, and climbing can be very therapeutic for children and adults. 

Playground Safety Week – April 24th-28th

Preparing your class for Playground Safety Week need take only a few minutes of advance planning, and SLYDE the Playground Hound is here to help. Adapted for ages 4 years to 2nd grade, you can be sure to find something for just one or multiple activities. Remember, activities should be focused on reinforcing safe behavior at the playground.

SLYDE’s suggestions:

After a playground is built it is everyone’s responsibility to play safely and keep the area safe and secure for the children.  Playground owners can do many things to keep a playground secure.  First is to have adequate safety surfacing. Second is to have a CPSI certified annual check of the playground equipment and surfacing. 

It is that time of year - school is in session!  A new school year means a year full of learning, growing, and making friends while playing on the playground. Friends are a huge part of a child’s life. Belonging to a group or having a friend helps kids gain self-esteem and teaches them how to relate to others.

Slyde hanging out with friends.

With Playground Safety Week approaching (April 25th - 29nd), you will be able to use this newsletter to help you get started on your plans! Getting back to the basics is always a good way to start.

Ask yourself a few questions: Does your play area have safety surfacing? Does your playground have any protruding objects or strangulation risks? Play is a very important part of a child's development, and making sure it is safe is not only important, but also adds to the fun. 

Does your hair get tangled when your comb gets caught in it? Maybe you were fishing and your fishing line got tangled? Have you ever run through a bush and gotten caught in the branches?

There is the danger your clothes or part of your body getting caught on playground equipment, and these dangers are called entanglements (en.tan'gle.ments).

Jumping, climbing, sliding, laughing, giggling, swinging and running are all things children like to do. Usually they do these things outside where moving their bodies and using outdoor voices are expected and encouraged by grown-ups.

Maybe you remember a time you were outside doing some of these things on a playground in your backyard or at your school? Use your imagination to remember what the playground looked like. Did the playground have swings, slides, or climbing rocks? Were you there with a friend, a brother, or a sister? 

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